Student Online Contact Tracing Form

Please complete the form below for each child in the district who was either diagnosed with COVID-19 or was directly exposed to an individual who was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Is your child currently attending in person or scheduled to return in person within the next two weeks for school, athletics, or activities?

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Has your child been in any District school buildings for any other reasons in the past week for more than 15 minutes (such as testing)?

What was the last day the student was in a District building? (mm/dd/yyyy)

Does anyone else living in your household currently attend District 202 school, activities, or athletics in person?

Does anyone living in your household currently work in person at any District 202 buildings?

Is anyone living in your household scheduled to return to in person learning in District 202 in the next two weeks?

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Has your child been diagnosed with COVID-19 or has your child been directly exposed to someone with COVID-19?
* Direct exposure is close contact with an individual who is positive for COVID-19 during the time they were contagious. Individuals are contagious 2 days prior to having symptoms or two days prior to being diagnosed, if they are asymptomatic.

Date Diagnosed? (mm/dd/yyyy)
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Was your child directly exposed in District 202 school, athletics, or activities?

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Did you already receive a quarantine letter from the district?

Date your child was exposed to COVID-19? (mm/dd/yyyy)

Does your child live with the person who was diagnosed with COVID-19?

Is there more than one person living in the same household as your child who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or is symptomatic for COVID-19?

Date of last contact with individual testing? (mm/dd/yyyy)
Date the Individual was tested? (mm/dd/yyyy)
Date symptoms started for the individual? (mm/dd/yyyy)

Does the student currently have any symptoms?
If yes, what was the first date of symptoms? (mm/dd/yyyy)